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Boca Juniors are one of those teams, aren’t they? One of those teams that everyone knows. Famous across the world for their culture, success and fans, it is no wonder that some of the world’s greatest players have once called La Bombanera their home.

Amongst all that, you know, being on of the world’s most famous clubs and all that, the Azul y Oro have had their fair share of really, really nice football shirts. Here, we talk about a few of our favourites:

2017 THIRD

We have just been rattling on about just how famous this club is. And, when you begin to think about Boca, you probably think about the famous blue and gold- and that’s fair enough. However, Boca’s 2017 third kit drifts, ever so slightly, away from the traditional Boca kit. Whilst paying homage to the traditional dark blue, the touch of electric blue across the strip takes this jersey to a new dimension, whilst keeping in touch with the club’s traditional roots.

2018/19 kits

We reckon that there is a lot of kits out there at the minute that you just look at and think, ‘they aren’t what they used to be, are they?’. But Boca’s most recent efforts don’t have that feel about them, so we are whacking them both in because we think they are both fantastic.

1981 HOME

This is Diego Maradona wearing one of the most famous football shirts of all time, if you need a reason for this being on the list, please contact us separately via email.

1990/91 HOME

There is something about football kits and kit sponsors. A jersey with a sponsor that looks good on it, will sit there and take the piss out of a kit that has a sponsor that looks daft – we’d like to imagine that is what Boca’s 90/91 home shirt did to every shit sponsor it saw. Not sure whether to thank Fiat or Adidas for this one, but it is a very nice shirt – we are seeing abit of a trend here, aren’t we?

1998 HOME

Collar? Yep. Traditional blue and gold? Yep. Long sleeve option? Yep. Ticks all the right boxes this one it would seem. Fair play. Fair play indeed.

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