TOP 5 KITS: MLS 2019

Words by Panenka Magazine

A lot of people turn their nose up at the MLS. We on the other hand, think Soccer is great (and these kits aren’t bad either).

Sure, the MLS does things differently. How can you have a football league with no promotion or relegation? How come the team who finishes top don’t win the whole thing? Why do the teams pick their players out of a hat at the start of a season? It’s barmy, you’re right – and that’s exactly why we love it. Seriously, where else could you see the likes of Wayne Rooney, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Kaka turn out alongside a bunch of pub team players every week?

And don’t even get us started on the old-school penalties in the 90s – how anyone could watch this and not love the MLS is beyond us:

But whether you rate the MLS or not, there’s no denying those pesky yanks have landed some of the best kits about (thanks to a league-exclusive deal with Adidas), and it’d be a huge shame not to have a gander at them. So with that in mind, here’s our top five kits for the 2019 MLS season. Enjoy!


It’d be rude not to start with the reigning MLS champions, Atlanta United. The champs have stuck with their AC Milan-inspired red and black home shirt, dubbing it the ‘Star and Stripes’ kit. Adidas describe it as ‘equal parts grit and flash, both timeless and contemporary’, and we have to agree with them.

The newly-added star above the club crest commemorates last year’s title success and the number ’17’ featured in the Atlanta state outline is a nod to the club’s origins in 2017. The gold detailing on this one adds a nice finish to what was already a classy effort. Top marks.


As the saying famously goes, ‘less is more’, and Seattle Sounders’ latest away shirt demonstrates this perfectly. The so-called ‘Nightfall’ kit is said to take it’s inspiration from the colourful Seattle sky seen above CenturyLink Field during Sounders’ 2-0 win against rivals Portland back in 2014.

It’s simple yet effective, with the pink detailing providing a striking contrast with the darker shirt. Another nice touch is the small tag at the bottom of the shirt, which features a silhouette of the CenturyLink Field’s arches against the backdrop of Mount Rainer. Beautiful.



Being LA Galaxy, it was only right that their away kit was given it’s own exclusive launch event in downtown Los Angeles, featuring the likes of Mr. Ibrahimovic himself. The kit itself is extremely nice, darker away colours seem to be a theme across the league as a whole this year and it’s definitely one we approve of.

The pixelated ‘glitch’ design is a difficult one to pull off, but it probably helps that when Zlatan wears something it usually makes it look ten times cooler. Along with the ‘This Is LA’ tag, Galaxy’s home and away kits will now feature five stars above the badge, indicating their five MLS cup victories.


Purple football kits. Purple football kits. Purple football kits. Those are three words that aren’t strung together nearly enough. Fortunately, Orlando City’s home shirt is letting us say it this year – we absolutely love it. Their #BringTheNoise kit features a soundwave-inspired design, meant to be symbolic of the’ noise and passion’ of the Orlando fans.

As always, the kit features Orlando’s gorgeous golden lion crest and this year’s effort also includes the slogan ‘Defend the Fortress’ written across the back neckline. Currently being modelled on the pitch by Nani this season, it’s safe to say Orlando have one of the nicest efforts out there.


Last but not least it’s the latest home shirt from Manches- New York City. The sky blue effort oozes quality and tradition. Despite our ‘traditional’ description, probably, getting some stick – seeing as NYCFC were only founded in 2013. It is a kit that takes elements of it’s East Manchester inspiration, whilst adding a touch of that Big Apple class. Also, we are behind any Adidas kit with the three stripes below the arm – it’s a lovely touch.


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