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The Women’s world Cup is just around the corner and we are very much looking forward to it. With the popularity of Women’s football on the rise, this tournament has the early credentials to be something special.

Of course, we all know, for an international tournament to be considered ‘something special’ it’s not just about what is happening on the field. A World Cup is about atmosphere, the feel and buzz around the tournament. And, to people like us, it is pretty important that we can see some nice shirts to go along with it all. Here is our favourite five kits that have been released for the 2019 Women’s World Cup:

Germany Home Kit

That vintage German 1990 World Cup design, just can’t knock it, can you? A nice redesign of one of the greatest football shirts EVER, makes for an obvious entry onto this list.

Brazil Away Kit

Brazil and the colour yellow is something that will ALWAYS go hand in hand. However, the Canarinho’s are also familiar with the colour blue. Brazil’s love affair with the blue away kit is something that it’s hard not to be a fan of – they tend to be really bloody nice. This is no exception. Solid selection.

USA Away Kit

Wow. This is very, very nice. Nike have described this as ‘speed red’, and if that is what speed red is, we are big fans. With the addition of the mysterious ‘stars and stripes’ design across the strip – we can get behind this shirt in a big way, can it help the USWNT defend their title? Maybe it can.

France Away Kit

Very classy kit. ‘Predominantly white, with an overall graphic hexagon print’ is what Nike said and, it’s fair to say, they have done a very good job. With their male counterparts becoming world champions last year, the French women will be keen to make history in this number, and what a story that would be.

Australia Home Kit

Funky and colourful, if someone asked you to think about what an Australia kit SHOULD look like – this kit, probably, would not be too far off what you thought. With the Nigerian women recycling their 2018 shirt – this could be the 2019, Women’s world cup, ‘Nigeria’. Fantastic stuff.

This was our selection of our favourite 5 kits from the 2019 Women’s World Cup. Every Monday we will be adding a new addition to the ‘TOP 5 KITS’ series in the KITBAG.

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