We are Panenka. A new source that aims to bring the best football and culture stories from around the world, together in one place.

Here at Panenka, we have the common belief that whether it’s a story about your favourite Bundesliga 2 player or a story about how much your dog loves going down to your local non-league ground every other Saturday, it can be just as important as a story surrounding the latest major transfer rumor.

We are currently focusing on building our website up with some of the best football content but with plans to expand into other media platforms, we believe the sky is the limit.

Currently, the website features three sections: . MAGAZINE – a focus on some of our favourite shorter pieces. Opinion articles, lists, that kind of thing – type of thing you can read on the bog.

. JOURNAL – a series of our favourite feature articles. There will have been a lot of time gone into these, so you should give them a read.

KITBAG – this one is going to be good. Showcasing some of our favourite gear from around the world. This page will also be the home of our ‘TOP 5’ series every Monday, where we will pick a season, team or tournament at random (sort of), and pick the best 5 kits from it. Hopefully it’ll make the worst day of the week a little bit better.

If you are a content creator that has something they would love to share, whether this story be an article, an illustration, photography album or video, please get in touch – we’d love to have you on board! Please send an email to: editor@panenkamag.com

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